Now Non-Dairy

Now Non-Dairy, and yeah… they’re freaking delicious!

The New Lineup

Discover the best tasting light ice cream and frozen desserts!

Light Ice Cream

Our new pints are packed with rich flavor and a creamy texture from real milk, cream and cane sugar with no erythritol or sugar alcohols.

Non-Dairy Pints

We turned our pints into soul-satisfying goodness. Our desserts are made with real ingredients and no artificial anything!

Non-Dairy Bars

90 calories.. If you only eat one. We don't judge. Unbelievably rich flavors and creamier than ever.

Buy your favorite flavors on Amazon!

Our Amazon Storefront has all of our pints available in 6-Packs and variety packs delivered right to your doorstep. We pack them using dry ice and Styrofoam ice chests so rest assured, they'll be ready to eat or ready for your freezer on arrival.

Not sure where to find our products?

Not sure where to find our products?


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