We're Not Nuts

Unlike other plant-based frozen desserts, we're not nuts. We're different. We're Pioneers, trendsetters, and ... rather than use nuts ... we're the first to use faba beans as a frozen dessert base. At ARCTIC ZERO, we've created the better-for-you, plant-based frozen dessert that everyone in your family can enjoy and will love.

Our founder, Greg Holtman, has said, "There are lots of plant-based frozen desserts out there, but we wanted to offer consumers something different, we didn't want to be another nut based frozen dessert. We didn't want to use pea protein or a soy base either. The faba bean was our best option for a plant-based protein source. Plus, we wanted to make sure we offered a frozen dessert that was allergen free."

Today, faba beans are found to be a nearly perfect food. They're high in protein and other nutrients, and they're sustainable in a way that few other crops are: they replenish nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil in which they're planted so they need very little fertilization. Our faba bean protein comes from the mechanically milled and processed portion of the de-hulled and split faba beans. We take the faba bean and turn it into something delicious.

That's why, rather than use any nut or soy-based protein, ARCTIC ZERO is the first company to use environmentally friendly and healthful faba beans as a base for our frozen dessert.

We're Allergy Friendly

It's our way of making sure that our delicious frozen desserts can be enjoyed by everyone.

We're Regionally Sourced

Where do our faba beans come from? Happily, faba beans are best suited to the cool growing conditions of North America. That means that all of our faba beans are regionally sourced from North American farms and processed in regional plants.

By using regional food systems, we can centralize the growing, processing, and distribution of ingredients. This helps support local farmers and improves the environment by decreasing pollution and sulfur absorbed by plants and trees. it also means we can avoid shipping beans from across the oceans, saving the equivalent of sulfur produced by 250-million cars and substantially reducing our carbon footprint.

Faba or Fava

Faba beans have been available for centuries and are found in Mediterranean diets. They're a great source of protein that most everyone is familiar with.

Okay, so what exactly is a faba bean you ask?
These little beans have a long history. As far back as 6,000 years ago, faba beans were one of the first plants to be cultivated into the diet. The million dollar question? Why do we call them "faba" beans instead of the more common "fava" beans.

The scientific name of the bean is "vicia faba" and often called "broad beans". Growers still tend to refer to the beans as "faba" while consumers tend to call them "fava". But ... Really ... it's "faba".

faba beans

You'll see, once you try ARCTIC ZERO you're going to know it's FABA-ULOUS and you'll come back again and again to awaken your inner faba!