Gone Bananas for Banana Pudding!

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Gone Bananas for Banana Pudding!
August 31st, 2016

Are you bananas for banana pudding? Well, it's no secret that we are sure are. Did you know that bananas were once considered a novelty and didn't make their way into the US until the 1800s? Fast forward another century as bananas hit more markets and grocers, they began to appear in many more ingredient lists and posh recipes. What's got us bananas are banana-based desserts: Banana splits, Bananas Foster and Banana Cream Pie... Oh my! 

A frozen healthy spin to the southern dessert staple, banana pudding, 2016 ARCTIC ZERO flavor Banana Pudding has proven itself to be golden amongst its fellow new flavors of the year. Just like its sweet and decadent counterpart, ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding fills your mouth with bold yet, smooth banana flavor and enticing bits of gluten-free vanilla wafers. Yes, dessert lovers-- these vanilla wafers are indeed gluten free! Woohoo! In addition to being low in calories and free of anything artificial, ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding is definitely one frozen treat worth going bananas over! 

Just for kicks, we took it a step further and played with different topping options for this ahh-mazing banana-rama flavor. Keep reading and check out our cravetastic creations below. 

Fresh Apricots & Cream
ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding & Fresh Apricots

There's something about fresh fruit and whipped topping that makes any day a "special occassion". Add a few slices of fresh apricots on top of a softened pint of ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding. Drop a dollop or two of your favorite light, whipped topping and sprinkle with cinnamon. Now, you've got something to celebrate! 

PB & B
ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding & Justin's PB

Move over PB & J, because peanut butter and bananas go together just as nicely! Spread a spoonful or two of peanut butter into ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding. Then, top it off with slices of fresh banana. We used our fave Justin's Peanut Butter

Brownie Brittle Sandwich
ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding Brownie Brittle Sandwhiches

Feel like sinkin' your teeth into something chocolatey and deliciously banana? Layer on a slab of ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding in between two pieces of brownie brittle. Enough said. You can thank us later... ;-)

ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding & Chocolate

A wise person once said that chocolate makes everything better and that person was right! Add a handful of chocolate squares into a pint of ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding and drizzle with chocolate syrup. Yum! 

ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding with Nuts

Hey nut lovers, let's go nuts for nuts and bananas! Add diced pecans and almonds to a pint of ARCTIC ZERO Banana Pudding. Drizze with honey and it's nutin' but love in your mouth! 

Did you like what we came up with? Give them a try or come up with your own creations. Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Post about it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and be sure to tag us (#arcticzero)! For real-time event antics and day-in-the-life fun footage, follow us on Snapchat (@arcticzeroyum)!!! 


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