How is your product so much lower in calories than ice cream?

ARCTIC ZERO is an original ice cream alternative. We taste like ice cream. But we are not made like ice cream, nor do we contain the same ingredients as ice cream. We use a novel manufacturing process and unique ingredients. And as a result, we have less fat, more fiber, and fewer calories than ice cream. We worked hard to develop these innovative products!  We also worked hard on quality and manufacturing specifications to ensure that the nutritional information on our products is accurate.

What’s the story with the TODAY Show report?

A few years ago, the TODAY Show released a story about ARCTIC ZERO desserts containing more calories than advertised.  We contacted the lab that Today Show used and had them run independent tests, which came back as we expected – with the nutritional content as described on the label, confirming that we, indeed, have 150 calories per pint. We sent these tests to the TODAY Show and posted them on our website and social media pages. 

How did the Today Show get it so wrong?

Testing the calories in a frozen product like ours is not a straight forward process. There are many factors that go into the analysis and many different tests allowed by the FDA.  Even a slight error in testing or method can get it all wrong. And, many tests are designed to work for specific, recognized product categories, like dry food or meat. We work closely with our independent laboratories to ensure that the appropriate, FDA-approved methodology is used for our products.