Calorie Counting

Did we put too much goodness in our frozen dessert?!

Like many of you, we love the Today Show. However, a few weeks ago, they released a story about Arctic Zero desserts containing higher calories than advertised. This was hard to believe given our focus on quality and manufacturing specifications which ensure that each and every pint has precisely the same nutritional content and quality.

We contacted EMSL, the lab that the Today Show used, and had them run independent tests. The results came back as we expected - with all the nutritional contents as described on the label and with a total calorie count of 150. You can view the lab results here. We sent these to the Today Show and are following up on the report.

Now, nobody is perfect, but we'd like to be. We wish testing was as black and white as one would assume but there are many factors that go into calorie testing. There are different tests allowed by the FDA. Even a slight error in testing or in how our product was made can create a false positive or get it wrong.

We are looking further into the Today Show's tests to make sure we aren't missing anything. We also have increased the frequency of our product testing to ensure our desserts have exactly what you expect them to have!

We continue to stand 100% behind our products and our calorie counts and customer satisfaction is the only measurement that matters to us. So if you still have any concerns or questions please reach out to us by clicking Here and we would be happy to address them.

Thanks and happy desserting!

The Arctic Zero Team


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