What is Arctic Zero?

Arctic Zero is a high quality guilt free frozen dessert that is all natural, gluten free, suitable for lactose intolerants, and low glycemic. Like "super foods", we like to call it a "super dessert". People consume it for many reasons: just a snack, to replace a meal, indulge guilt free and the list goes on. So find your favorite way to enjoy Arctic Zero.

What is Arctic Zero sweetened with?

Arctic Zero is sweetened with a proprietary blend of monk fruit concentrate and organic cane sugar. We do not use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols of any kind.

What is monk fruit?

One of the sweetest melons in the world, monk fruit concentrate is 150 times sweeter than sugar. Learn more here.

Is Arctic Zero dairy free and or vegan?

Arctic Zero contains whey protein concentrate, which is a milk derivative and therefore is not dairy free or vegan. If you have dairy/milk allergies please consult your physician.

Is Arctic Zero coming to a store near me?

We live in a big country, and though we're a west coast company, we have been working with retailers nationally to get Arctic Zero into a store near you. It's a slow process, but we hope to be in every store soon.

Can I help my local store carry Arctic Zero?

To help get Arctic Zero on the shelf at your local store, please print and submit one of our product request forms to the store manager: http://www.arcticzero.com/product-request.php.

Any new flavors coming soon?

We plan to create more flavors, though most will be seasonal flavors with a few more main staples. We're bending the laws of physics as it is with calorie counts and nutritional content, and adding more exotic flavors takes time and are difficult to develop.

How long has Arctic Zero been in stores?

Arctic Zero has been available in stores since January 2009, though we've been in the frozen dessert business for nearly a decade with our mainstream specialty soft serve brand, Carbawhey.

Why can’t I order one pint online and have it shipped to me?

Overnight shipping, dry ice, and insulated containers are expensive. So regardless of ordering 1 pint or 6 pints the costs are nearly identical. For anyone not near a store and looking to order online, we partnered with Amazon.com to handle shipping and order fulfillment since they are built for that and they offer free shipping. To order online, click here. Click on Super Saver Shipping. We'll get the product to you in good shape, we promise.

How do I contact someone at Arctic Zero?

You can contact us via email at info@arcticzero.com if there is a question we haven't answered here. Someone WILL read your email. Thanks!

Calorie Counting

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